This page lists some very useful websites for finding information for companies and individuals to find information about setting up, building and growing a business in Singapore. The Resources section includes links to various Government and Government-supported initiatives and well as those from private organisations, professional bodies, trade and industry associations, etc. We hope you find this list of Singapore business resources useful. Please help us to keep this list updated and continue to improve it by sending in suggestions or recommendations for other resources to be added using the contact form on the website.

  • Pure Avocado Oil: ACADO is the world’s largest selling brand of Avocado Oil. From the region of the world’s best avocados, Michoacán in Mexico, this cooking oil has the highest level of monounsaturated fats. Rich in Vitamin B6 and folic acid, it is laden with antioxidants associated with slowing down aging. With the highest smoke point of all cooking oils – 525F— it ensures that it will not release toxins and free radicals in the food.
  • Healthcare IT Services: Napiers Laboratory Information System is a must for hospital and independent clinical labs to manage all the processes from ordering a laboratory test to scheduling tests for patients and generating reports for viewing.
  • Action Community For Entrpreneurship (ACE): This is a national movement by the private and public sector to seed and nurture start-ups in Singapore. ACE helps aspiring entrepreneurs start up by building a vibrant community and connecting them to resources, people and knowledge.
  • Association of Small & Medium Entreprises (ASME): The Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (ASME) is a not-for-profit organisation for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. With wide-ranging services and programmes, ASME strives to equip member SMEs with the business knowledge and market opportunities to help them grow their businesses.
  • SPRING: SPRING Singapore is an agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry responsible for helping Singapore enterprises grow and building trust in Singapore products and services. As the enterprise development agency, SPRING works with partners to help enterprises in financing, capability and management development, technology and innovation, and access to markets. As the national standards and accreditation body, SPRING develops and promotes an internationally-recognised standards and quality assurance infrastructure.
  • Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI): SICCI is one of Singapore’s most respected and active commercial organisations today, with more than 900 members. SICCI offers its members and the wider corporate community a diverse range of services to meet their business needs. As a connector, enabler and advocator, it provides the necessary linkages and connections to its members so that they are able to grow their businesses locally and internationally. SICCI provides various training courses, programmes and activities to help members enhance their knowledge, expertise and competencies, and build capabilities.
  • Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry: The Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCCI) is the apex body of the Chinese business community in Singapore. It is the founder of the biennial World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention and the World Chinese Business Network (, a global online business information portal. It plays a key and pro-active role in representing the interests of the local business community.